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Rates for the Traveling Vet

Dr. Merrill uses a CO2 laser for various surgical procedures. This lessens bleeding, is less painful and allows a quicker recovery.

Our 2014 Charges are comparable to most veterinarians in your area:


Trip Charge $35
Physical exam * $40
Additional Pet exams $30 each


Canine Vaccinations:

Rabies vacc (1 Year) $25 (plus county tag)
Distemper/Parvo/Corona vacc $30
Lyme vacc $30
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) $25
Heartworm test $39
Mini Blood panel $65
Heartworm test w/ mini panel $69


Feline Vaccinations:

Rabies vacc (1 Year) $25 (plus county tag)
Distemper/Chlamydia vacc $30
Feline Leuk vacc $30
FeLV/FIV blood test $39


Ferret Vaccinations:

Exam $30
Distemper $30
Rabies $30 (plus county tag)



Fecal test $29
Urinalysis $39
Geriatric blood panel (includes thyroid test) $120
AVID pet locator chip $39
Canine Dental includes anesthesia $175 0-40lbs 
$195 41lbs and heavier
(extractions extra)
Feline or Ferret Dental includes anesthesia $120 (extractions extra)

* (waived if the pet receives a yearly Rabies and Distemper vaccination or a heart worm blood test)

* Rates are subject to change without notice

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